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GPSy Pro™ Software Download

GPSy Pro X™ 1.22 with Garmin USB support (Intel-only, not compatible with PowerPC-based Macs) (March 24, 2016)
  Download via HTTP - GPSy Pro X 1.22 Intel-only - from GPSy Headquarters (USA)
  • No license key required, free software provided as-is with no warranty or support.
  • SHA1 Hash: 3db52f6e2a55778308acc6c00185d9d77c1b8d62

GPSy Pro X™ 1.20.4 (Universal version, no Garmin USB support) (July 7, 2008)
  Download via HTTP - GPSy Pro X 1.20.4 Universal version - from GPSy Headquarters (USA)
  • requires existing valid GPSy Pro X serial number, provided only for past customers
  • SHA1 Hash: 74402acfcea7367be6a54975884966ad9b32c0a7

Version Release notes:

GPSy Pro X™ 1.22 (March 24, 2016)

Note Runs only on Intel-based Mac hardware, not PowerPC-based Macs


GPSy Pro X™ 1.21 (October 7, 2008)

Note Runs only on Intel-based Mac hardware, not PowerPC-based Macs


GPSy Pro X™ 1.20.4 (July 7, 2008)


Bug Fixes

GPSy Pro X™ 1.20.3 (June 23, 2007)


Bug Fixes

GPSy Pro X™ 1.20.2 (May 4, 2007)


Bug Fixes

GPSy Pro X™ 1.20.1 (Aug 15, 2006)


Bug Fixes


GPSy Pro™ Release 1.18 Distribution Package (Binhex 2MB; Released 2000/06/12)

GPSy Pro Documentation:

This is the preliminary documentation for GPSy Pro; mostly based on the GPSy manual. We apologize for not having a more complete manual, but we plan on several interim releases of GPSy Pro that will only make the manual more difficult to write.

GPSy Pro Utilities and Databases

GPSy Waypoint FileMaker Pro Database

Many users have asked for a FMPro template to help them manage the waypoints they've downloaded from their GPS units. This template will let you easily import your waypoints into a FileMaker Pro 3/4 database; edit and manage them; and then reexport them in a format understood by GPSy Pro.

GPSy Waypoint FMPro Template 3.05

U.S. Airport Database

This file is a list of 5402 public use airports in the United States. The original data was published by the FAA and has been recompiled for use with the GPSy FileMaker Pro database, above. Please note that you won't be able to upload all 5402 airports to most GPS units, but it should be a good start for a state-by-state database. On the request of one persistent user (hi Dave!), I've provided the file in tab-delimited ASCII format as well.

If you're looking for other GPSy compatible map data, please visit our map library.

GPSy U.S. Airport Database

This information is provided "as-is" and Global Mapping Systems and Karen Nakamura make no warranties, express or implied, to companies or individuals using this airport database and/or GPSy™, or any other person, with respect to the airport database and/or GPSy, including without limitation, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or arising from course of performance or trade usage, all of which are hereby excluded and disclaimed by Global Mapping Systems and Karen Nakamura. In other words, take this data at face value ($free) and always verify your waypoints against published FAA charts. Be a good navigator and play it safe. This database is compilation copyright (C) 1998 by Karen Nakamura and is provided only for use with a registered copy of GPSy.

BSB Index Files

John Corcoran, a GPSy Pro client, has created a very handy index to his Region 14 BSB CD-ROM and allowed us to post the file here. The file, in Microsoft Word format, also makes a fantastic template for creating your own BSB CD-ROM templates. If any of you create a template for another maps series, please send it to us and we'll send you some sort of freebie in return.

BSB CD-ROM Indices

Mac OS 9 Third Party Utilities and Toys

PortPeek by MegaWolf

PortPeek is a "little freeware utility that displays all Communication Toolbox-registered serial ports, along with their current status (open, closed, busy). Allows you to force close any serial port with better success than most shareware 'port closer' utilities. Also allows you to add 'dummy' Comm Toolbox ports for testing Comm Toolbox compatibility of printer drivers and other serial software."