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A GPS Bibiliography

This is a collection of books on the Global Positioning System. It is not intended to be complete and is collated from various sources (thanks Sam Wormley). Contributions and suggestions can be made by sending e-mail to .

I've linked most of the books through Amazon.com's online purchasing system. I've found Amazon to be an excellent GPS / Cartography resource and their online purchasing can't be beat. Another excellent bookstore for GPS related texts is NavTech GPS, Inc..

GPS Tutorials

Dixon, Conrad
  1994  Using Gps
        Paperback, 90 pages.Published by Sheridan House
        Order from Amazon.com ($11.96)

Dye, Steve and Frank Baylin
  1997  The Gps Manual : Principles & Applications
        Published by Baylin Systems.
        Order from Amazon.com ($40.00)

Ferguson, Michael H., Randy Kalisek, and Leah Tucker
  1997  GPS Land Navigation; A Complete Guidebook for Backcountry Users of the NAVSTAR Satellite System
        Paperback, 272 pages. Published by Glassford Publishing 
        Order from Amazon.com ($15.95)
        -- this book is highly recommended from several sources

Hotchkiss, Noel J. 
  1994  Comprehensive Guide to Land Navigation With Gps
        Rev Edition. Paperback. Published by Alexis Pub
        Order from Amazon.com ($29.95)
        -- I was rather disappointed with the low-information content of this book,
            Ferguson (1997) above seems much better, especially for the price.

Larijani, L. Casey
  1998  Gps for Everyone : How the Global Positioning System Can Work for You
        Paperback, 384 pages. Published by American Interface Corporation,
        Order from Amazon.com ($24.95)

Letham, Lawrence
  1995  Gps Made Easy : Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors
        Paperback. Published by Mountaineers Books
        Order from Amazon.com ($10.36)

Trimble Navigation
  1989  Gps : A Guide to the Next Utility
        Paperback. Published by Trimble Navigation
        Order from Amazon.com ($8.95 + $0.85)
        -- a small pamphlet/book, designed to impress your boss, not for brain fodder

GPS Technical Texts Brown R G, Hwang P Y C, 1992 Introduction To Random Signals and Applied Kalman Filtering John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1992. Order from Amazon.com ($92.95) Hoffmann-Wellenhof B, Lichtenegger H, and Collins J, 1993 GPS Theory and Practice 2nd Ed, Springer-Verlag, New York, Order from Amazon.com ($54.95) -- this is one of the major textbooks on GPS technology, not for the algorithmically weak IRN-200B-PR-001 1995 GPS Interface Control Document ICD-GPS-200 - NAVSTAR GPS Space Segment and Navigation User Interfaces Reprint, Navtech Seminars & GPS Supply, Inc. NavTech GPS has reprinted this volume and is selling it via mail order. Kaplan, Elliott D. 1996 Understanding Gps : Principles and Applications Hardcover, 554 pages. Published by Artech House. Order from Amazon.com ($54.95) Kleusberg , Alfred and Peter J. G. Teunissen (eds.) 1996 Gps for Geodesy (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences , Vol 60) Paperback. Published by Springer Verlag. Order from Amazon.com Wells D, 1987 Guide To GPS Positioning, 2nd ed, Canadian GPS Associates, Frederiction, New Brunswick, Canada 1987 Order from Amazon.com (Out-of-Print)

A Mapping / Cartography Bibliography

Bugayevskiy, Lev. M and John Parr Snyder  
  1995    _Map Projections : A Reference Manual_
          Hardcover. Published by Taylor & Francis 
          Order from Amazon.com ($95.00)	

Canters, Frank Canters and Hugo Decleir
  1989    The World in Perspective : A Directory of World Map Projections 
          Paperback, 192 pages.  Published by John Wiley & Sons.
          Order from Amazon.com ($139.00)	
Snyder, John Parr 
  1982    "Map Projections Used by the U. S. Geological Survey", 
          2nd edition, Geol. Survey Bulletin 1532, 313 p., U. S. Government Printing
          Office, Washington, D. C., 1982.
          Order from Amazon.com ($8.00)	
  1987    Map Projections - A Working Manual, USGS Prof. Paper 1395 	
          Order from Amazon.com (Out-of-print)			
          NavTech GPS has reprinted this volume and is selling it via mail order.	
          -- This text is highly recommended for information on map 
             projection systems. A standard reference in the field,
             absolutely indispensable for anyone doing map conversions.

  1997    Flattening the Earth : Two Thousand Years of Map Projections
          Paperback, 366 pages. Published by University of Chicago Press
          Order from Amazon.com ($19.95)	
          -- a beautiful book that is unfortunately out-of-print and hard to obtain

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You can also run searches on "Global Positioning System" or "Cartography" or other subjects through Amazon. The number of texts dealing with the Global Positioning System grows daily, so they are a good resource to use before making purchasing decisions.

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