We wanted people to know that we've been approved in the iPhone Developer Program and we're actively working on porting a version of GPSy over to the iPhone. We're excited about this new development and look forward to being the premiere iPhone GPS tool.

Dash GPS


There is a lot of interest in the new Dash GPS unit that Amazon.com is now selling. What's new about the Dash compared to similar units from TomTom or Garmin is that it supports bidirectional communication with a central server. This lets it do things such as look up local gasoline prices, download traffic data -- as well as do Yahoo searches and upload current congestion information.

If anyone can suggest what GPSy can do to interact with the Dash, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

The GPSy Team

Sorry everyone, a server upgrade this weekend temporarily disabled the blogging feature of our website. We're now back up and running!

Garmin has released a beta of their point-of-interest (POI) download software for Mac OS X: http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=3497

As with all beta software, take care!

We've released a minor upgrade and bug fix release to GPSy X® and GPSy Pro X® to our website. The feature list for GPSy X 3.40.2 includes:


  • Added support for receiving the display image from newer Garmin units.
  • Added support for certain USB serial devices, possibly including some Magellan eXplorist units.
  • When calibrating a map, GPSy now prompts with the text from the previous calibration point, which makes entering close data points much easier.
  • Improved data transfer support for various Garmin units.
  • Added an option to ignore GeoTiff data to allow manual calibration of corrupt GeoTiff files.
  • Set proper default NMEA-0183 baud rate.
  • Clearer error message when old GPSy license number is entered in GPSy X.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed NMEA issue which caused problems displaying speed and heading for come GPS units.
  • Fixed problem loading GPSy map calibration files.
  • Fixed bug in map calibration process that could trash memory.
  • Fixed bug which caused some error message to say "error".
  • Fixed memory trashing bug when loading GeoTiff maps.
  • Fixed memory trashing bug rarely seen when closing map windows.

You can download the new versions from our main website. Enjoy!

Garmin has released a Mac beta version of their WebUpdater for handheld GPS units. All it will do is update your firmware to the most recent release, but that's better than nothing. If you want to transfer waypoints or routes, it still looks like you'll have to use GPSy®.

Unfortunately, it truly is a beta, the WebUpdater crashed when I tried to update my Nüvi 660.

Updated 2007.04.17: Allory Deiss let me know that v2.0.0.2 beta was released last night. I tried it out with my Nüvi and it worked!

Updated 2007.04.18: Actually, I spoke too soon. The Garmin webupdater worked -- but trashed the map files on my Nüvi. I had to send it back to Garmin to get it fixed. So don't use the alpha version of the Mac webupdater with your Nüvi units!

Info: Amazon firesale on Garmins


One of our customers dropped us a line to let us know:

Just to let you know that Amazon is dumping Garmin Streetpilot c320, 330, 340, and some other units as well. I am talking $700 off here. New models must be coming out soon.

Thanks Steve! Just a quick note that Garmin USB support is currently in late-alpha, e-mail us if you want to be on the beta list.

Garmin USB native support


I wanted to update people on the status of the Garmin USB closed alpha test. We're making good progress on building support for Garmin USB units. We had wanted to move into open beta by the end of the summer, but there are some issues that are coming up that we want to take care of before more public trials.

We know people are waiting with anticipation for Garmin USB support -- we should have it before soon, it's our top priority right now. So hang in there -- and THANK YOU to all of our active alpha testers for all of their hard work.

GPSy X and GPSy Pro X minor updates


GPSy X and GPSy Pro X have been updated to versions 3.40.1 and 1.20.1, respectively. The download pages are updated so you can obtain them now if you like. Here are the relevant enhancements and fixes.


- Support for horizontal and vertical scroll wheels, trackpads, etc.

Bugs Fixed

- Problem downloading waypoints from Garmin Foretrex
- Problem downloading waypoints from Garmin GPSMAP 76
- "Save Info" checkbox disabled in TFW Info Dialog
- Problems calibrating maps in some coordinate systems
- Preferences panel sometimes resets serial port setting
- Updated email contact info

GPSy X is golden!


The big news is of course that GPSy X 3.40 and GPSy Pro X have both shipped! Please visit our main webpage to download and purchase the software!